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GMT Vehicle Watch protects your vehicle from theft 24 hrs a day. You can choose from two options: Self Alert or Our 24hr Montitored Call Centre Watch. From your Smart Phone you can remotely disable your vehicle, even while it is being driven! With our Safe Stop Technology you press the button and the unit takes over. When the vehicle in in a certain state for a certain time it disables the vehicle, rendering the vehicle useless to the thieves. You can go and fetch your vehicle and meet the Gardi(PNI) there. We also offer a 24hr Response Monitoring for you. We will notify you if the vehicle is tampered with and will disable it for you after we have notified the Gardi(PNI) of the location.

You can have the option to do full tracking of your vehicle ( Private to you), driver behaviour reports ( Great for the teens using your car- or there’s ) and have the reports emailed to you however frequently you want. Alerts are sent to your phone and email.

Put one in your Camper Van and replay your holiday, keep track of your mileage, your routes and most of all protect your valuable asset and ‘ Keep Your No Claims Bonus’.

GMT Safe Track is a complete 24/7/365 monitored tracking system that protects High Risk Drivers, Medically-At-Risk Drivers and The Elderly Drivers.

High risk drivers include; Taxi Drivers, Dangerous Goods Drivers or drivers that work with valuable goods.

For the Medically-At-Risk driver, this would include; MS, Diabetes, Heart Conditions, Mild Dementia or any physical disability.

For the over 65’s. it is about keep independence for as long as possible.

In our Safe Track product range we have a number of different options available.

Safe Track Complete:
This service is made up of  Tracking Unit, Remote Disable Unit, Panic Button, Microphone, Speaker, Camera(Optional), 24hr Emergency Response Call Center.

Safe Track Care:
This service is made up of  Tracking Unit, Panic Button, Microphone, Speaker, Remote Disable Unit(Optional), 24hr Emergency Response Call Centre.

Safe Track Care (Plug & Play):
This service consists of Plug and Play Tracking unit with built in Microphone/Speaker, 24hr Emergency Response Call Centre.

GMT Track Master is our powerful fleet tracking platform that works seamlessly with our most sophisticated ‘Black Box’ Tracker.

Our combination ensures you get the most out of your fleet tracking, with the ability add as you grow, without the need to change hardware.

  • Navigation and Dispatch Routing
  • Driver ID
  • Temp Sensors
  • Fuel Monitoring
  • Cameras
  • Panic Buttons
  • Two Way Voice Communications
  • Crash Detection and Reconstruction
  • Emergency Call – Accident
  • Remote Disable- Safe Stop Technology
  • Powerful Analytic’s and KPI’s – Insurance Ready
  • Expandable and Integrates with most alarm systems
  • Powerful Reporting tools.
  • Manage your CO2 and Energy reporting
  • Integrates with any in-house software. Ie Sales Force, CRM Packages etc.

The GMT AgriTrack allows you to protect and monitor your farm equipment 24/7/365.  Our powerful vehicle monitoring platform works seamlessly with our most sophisticated ‘Black Box’ Tracker. We offer self managed solution or allowing our 24hr Emergency Response team to look after your equipment.

Self managed:

You will be able to protect your most valuable assets and protect your no-claims bonus in the following ways:

  • Remotely disable the vehicle from your smart phone, using our Safe Stop Technology.
  • Track the vehicle from any PC, Smart Phone or Tablet.
  • Receive alerts via text and Email of un-authorised use or movement.
  • You can disable the vehicle at night and re-enable it in the morning.
  • Automatic disabling of the vehicle if Jamming Technology is detected.
  • Monitor Engine Hours and Distance travelled.
  • Full vehicle reporting. (accurate Billable hours for contracts)

GMT 24hr Emergency Response:

We will monitor the vehicle for you and contact you by phone if we receive an alert from the vehicle. We will then:

  • Notify the Gardi (PNI) of the exact location of the vehicle.
  • Send the remote disable to the vehicle.
  • Assist you in recovering the vehicle.

You have a greater chance of getting your vehicle back with a tracker on it. That is a fact.


GMT MediCare is bringing a new dimension to the world of Connected Medical Devices. We currently are expanding our range to include the following:

GPS /GSM Defibrillators:

  • These defibrillators have a built in GPS Locator and Two-Way Voice Communications.
  • They are linked to our 24hr Emergency Response Call Centre.
  • You will be connected to a qualified medical support person during a medical emergency.
  • The call centre will notify the Emergency services of your location and medical situation to the EMT’s.
  • They will assist you until the Ambulance arrives and they take over.

Connected Blood Pressure Monitors:

  • Monitor your blood pressure over a period of time and show the results on the App.
  • Available from our Online Store  www.gmtstore.com

Connected BMI Weight Scales:

  • Measure, track and share 9 different characteristics of your body composition on our free iHealth mobile app.
  • Measure weight, body fat, lean mass, muscle mass, bone mass, body water, daily calorie intake, body mass index, and visceral fat rating
  •  Set goals and reminders, view trends, and organize records
  • Share your results instantly with friends, family or your doctor
  • Log calories and daily activities
  • Available from our Online Store  www.gmtstore.com


Living in an increasingly connected world means that tracking and monitoring your daily activities, whether it’s tracking your morning run or monitoring your business fleet, has never been more important.
Now, thanks to the GMT Store, securing the latest gadgets and tracking devices has never been easier.

Available at www.gmtstore.com, the GMT Store offers a range of categories: Automotive, Health, Fitness and Accessories. The store carries a wide range of products including Sat Navs, motor tracking devices, fitness activity trackers, baby monitors and accessories.

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A Few Statistics

Vehicles Stolen Ireland (Rep)

The theft of vehicles increases every year. Many of them are send to Eastern Europe or Africa.  Many are dismantled and sold for spares. Your chances of ever getting it back are getting slimmer each year.

Taxi Drivers Assulted

This is a frightening statistic! Over 75% of all taxi drivers in the EU have reported being Verbally, Physically Assaulted or Robbed in the last 12 month. In the city of Victoria Australia, 130 taxi drivers were assaulted in the last 90 days.

Lives Saved Dubin Airport

Over the last 10 years Defibrillators have saved over 19 lives in Dublin Airport alone. They are a must have in any public place and multi-national corporate offices. Every life counts.

Stolen Vehicles UK/ NI

Forget the blockbuster film Gone In Sixty Seconds – the nimble car thief takes just 10 seconds to nab your motor, more than six times faster than a decade ago.  And Black Audis are top of car thieves’ shopping lists with 150,000 cars are stolen each year and two thirds of these taken with their keys.

Vehicle Recovery

Did you know that your chances of getting your stolen vehicle back with a tracker fitted increases to over 95%. By including a remote vehicle disabler the chances increase even more. Compared to 45% without a tracker.

Camper Vans Stolen

Your Camper Van or Caravan is one of your most prised possessions. It is filled with precious memories and is like a second home to you. The cost of replacing it would be very expensive, not to mention an increase in your insurance. The theft of these vehicles are on the rise.

Farm Vehicles Stolen

According to the Irish Farmers Journal, more and more farm Equipment is being stolen each year. In March this year, one digger was stolen each day for two weeks. Protect your tractor today with our tracker.

Over 65's Drivers Injured

Every day over 900 drivers over the age of 65 are injured in vehicle accidents, some seriously, in the EU alone. Over 15 of over 65’s die  every day. Over 65’s account for 13 % of all accidents. If you care for someone over 65, get them the GMT Safe Track unit that will Automatically Call our 24 hr Emergency Response Centre in an Accident or Medical Emergency.

Some of Our Clients

At GMT Connect, we pride ourselves on quality products and first class service. We stand by our name and pass that onto our customers. We don’t employ someone unless they have at least 6 years experience in a similar business.

  • Kabzy
  • DPD
  • FlexiBus
  • Order Of Malta
  • GBR Direct

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Living in an increasingly connected world means that tracking and monitoring your daily activities, whether it’s tracking your morning...